Joe Cat

He’s a slick black cat
don’t you love him too
He’s missing one eye
but he can still see you

He’s a heartbreaker when he’s around
His head is squashed, he can’t hear a sound
How he lost his eye, we don’t know
Joe Cat, I love you

We will spend every single night and day
Searching every vet from coast to bay
Joe Cat I want to take you home
Get on my knees and play with you

I’ll wait for you to cross the street
I’ll frolic with you in the Garden with Eve
I’ll stay with you till the end
Joe Cat, I Love you

This was a song written around 2009 about a cat my friends and I found on the street. It was in the middle of the road when we pulled up and it soon wandered off. We went to a vet nearby but it was closed, and so were all the others in town. We searched the area for the cat but couldn’t find it. How appropriate a name for it than Joe Cat? I hope that cat is no longer in pain, and it hurts we didn’t do more. That very night my friend Ross and I wrote this little song in it’s honor. We even recorded a crude version and burnt it to a disc, my first recorded song, and the end of my music career. The song remains the same as it was in 2009 and thought I’d share it here to remember all the friends we’ve lost along the way.

Not all memories are pleasant, but all memories are present in my mind and worth remembering. This is to you, Joe Cat.

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