The Five-Minute Bridge

A short story about a man chased by an unimaginable killer beast tries escaping by crossing an endless ancient wooden bridge. Will he escape the terror and survive the potentially hazardous bridge and its unknown horrors?

Ice Cream Shop

Timothy Caldwell owns Cold Timmy's, an ice cream shop that is near foreclosure. What will this God-fearing man do to save his little ice cream shop?

A Door, A Decision

Welcome to B-Side Tales

What makes a hero?

They see a door.

A closed door.



Red capes and roaring waves reveal soaring men and raging fins
Boys born and bred through pain and tragedy create hidden sins
Suffering through responsibility teaches lessons of great power and accountability
Women rise with swords and shields or protect and defend with powers of invisibility.

Families evolve and families change through errors of calculations
One unites and brings fame for the forgiveness from miscalculations
Kings reign under and fight for wrongs above
Kings feign their ruling through rots of love

Heroes we see, through our eyes what we can allow
Heroes hide inside giving all they can endow
Towering men achieve and amass knowledge no other can
Changing men achieve multiples and an immortal lifespan

Men unable, men desire, men will lead
Men stand tall, waves behind soar, hope will bleed
Suits of honor, suits of…

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The Rocking Chair

Johnny helps his father clean out his home and is instructed to bring his fathers favorite rocking chair to his nursing home warning him, "Not a scratch on it!"

The Rose Woman

After a worrying day, Eva meets the Rose Woman who proposes to cure her superstitious beliefs by offering her a rose that can mysteriously solve anything simply by plucking a petal.

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