Reality is what we call Side-A.
Everything you love,

know or care about is there.
On the other side is the unknown,

the scary, and the weird.
The other is the B-Side.

About B-Side Tales:

These short stories are written with a prompt, an image from daily life, or a thought that crosses my mind. They’re free stories for your viewing pleasure and later I plan to revisit them, give them a fine polish, edit, and revision, then place them in a short story collection.

Stay tuned for my first novel, Penrose Grocery Store, about a group of children trapped inside a supermarket and must go through their own personal tribunals to escape.

Click the menu to cycle through the tales. View my Twitter feed for updates on new stories and which stories are placed on r/nosleep.

Thank you for your support.
Mark K. Winchester

Short Stories for Short Attention Spans

  • The Five-Minute Bridge

    20 May 2020 by

    A short story about a man chased by an unimaginable killer beast tries escaping by crossing an endless ancient wooden bridge. Will he escape the terror and survive the potentially hazardous bridge and its unknown horrors?

  • Ice Cream Shop

    5 May 2020 by

    Timothy Caldwell owns Cold Timmy’s, an ice cream shop that is near foreclosure. What will this God-fearing man do to save his little ice cream shop?

  • Silent Oasis

    9 Apr 2020 by

    A married couple hold up in their home for a quarantine lasting longer than expected, and even more unexpected things begin happening when a stranger comes to their home.

  • A Door, A Decision

    3 Apr 2020 by

    Originally posted on Welcome to B-Side Tales:
    What makes a hero? They see a door. A closed door. Open. Run. Red capes and roaring waves reveal soaring men and raging finsBoys born and bred through pain and tragedy create hidden sinsSuffering through responsibility teaches lessons of great power and accountabilityWomen rise with swords and shields…

  • Under the Fridge

    20 Mar 2020 by

    Mr. Druitt of 5152 Treeforth Dr. receives an unexpected visit from a Detective investigating the murder of five people that have left investigators baffled at how five corpses could be cut up without bleeding.

  • The Shape

    13 Mar 2020 by

    Unbeknownst to five people, a mysterious shape haunts their suburban neighborhood as they begin their Saturday night of party and relaxation.

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