Reality is what we call Side-A.
Everything you love,

know or care about is there.
On the other side is the unknown,

the scary, and the weird.
The other is the B-Side.

About B-Side Tales:

These short stories are written with a prompt, an image from daily life, or a thought that crosses my mind. They’re free stories for your viewing pleasure and later I plan to revisit them, give them a fine polish, edit, and revision, then place them in a short story collection.

Stay tuned for my first novel, Penrose Grocery Store, about a group of children trapped inside a supermarket and must go through their own personal tribunals to escape.

Click the menu to cycle through the tales. View my Twitter feed for updates on new stories and which stories are placed on r/nosleep.

Thank you for your support.
Mark K. Winchester

Short Stories for Short Attention Spans

  • RIP by Strangle – Chapter I

    25 Jan 2020 by

    Stephen Strangle has decided to write a suicide note. He writes his heart into it and what he finds after finishing typing the last period is maybe his reason to live, or his final confirmation that he lived a life fulfilled.

  • The Rose Woman

    15 Jan 2020 by

    After a worrying day, Eva meets the Rose Woman who proposes to cure her superstitious beliefs by offering her a rose that can mysteriously solve anything simply by plucking a petal.

  • The Freezer

    12 Jan 2020 by

    A tale of caution about the danger of conformity, or resistance of. Ally Conroy moves to a small town in Mississippi to help her sick Grandmother. She get’s a job at a local diner where everything seems pleasant and hospitable, but is everything but.

  • The Nothing Man With Everything

    8 Jan 2020 by

    Billy Naddle is a man all alone wandering the streets of a small town. In most particular situations he would prefer solitude, but today the silence is deafening. Where is everyone and what is going on? Billy will have to search to find out.

  • Lights Out on 35th Street

    24 Dec 2019 by

    A small town Sheriff and his Deputy question a woman involved in a massacre of 23 people in the dead of night. The tale she tells is out of this world leading them to wonder how far fetch is it?

  • Night by Night

    14 Dec 2019 by

    A tale about a woman who receives a call that her father has passed and must drive to Oklahoma to face his death while carrying her baggage with her the entire trip.

  • House of Hanging

    28 Nov 2019 by

    Rob Graham is recommended a video to watch of a haunted house, nearby his home, which intrigues him to see it for himself. What he discovers isn’t a haunting, but his past.

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