Reality is what we call Side-A.
Everything you love,

know or care about is there.
On the other side is the unknown,

the scary, and the weird.
The other is the B-Side.

About B-Side Tales:

These short stories are written with a prompt, an image from daily life, or a thought that crosses my mind. They’re free stories for your viewing pleasure and later I plan to revisit them, give them a fine polish, edit, and revision, then place them in a short story collection.

Stay tuned for my first novel, Penrose Grocery Store, about a group of children trapped inside a supermarket and must go through their own personal tribunals to escape.

Click the menu to cycle through the tales. View my Twitter feed for updates on new stories and which stories are placed on r/nosleep.

Thank you for your support.
Mark K. Winchester

Short Stories for Short Attention Spans

  • Under the Fridge

    20 Mar 2020 by

    Mr. Druitt of 5152 Treeforth Dr. receives an unexpected visit from a Detective investigating the murder of five people that have left investigators baffled at how five corpses could be cut up without bleeding.

  • The Shape

    13 Mar 2020 by

    Unbeknownst to five people, a mysterious shape haunts their suburban neighborhood as they begin their Saturday night of party and relaxation.

  • The Rocking Chair

    10 Mar 2020 by

    Johnny helps his father clean out his home and is instructed to bring his fathers favorite rocking chair to his nursing home warning him, “Not a scratch on it!”

  • Yellow Mama

    8 Mar 2020 by

    Richard Markinson is on death row and chose the electric chair called Yellow Mama for his method execution. After eighteen years of waiting, the chair failed to kill him three times. Now the prison will try lethal injection only to unleash a horror the world has never seen.

  • Beware the Man with a Single Book

    24 Feb 2020 by

    As her last resort, Scarlet undergoes brain surgery to cure a disease that even her own doctors are unsure what the cause could be. This disease has society worried that it’s contagious and it must be eliminated.

  • RIP by Strangle – Chapter I

    25 Jan 2020 by

    Stephen Strangle has decided to write a suicide note. He writes his heart into it and what he finds after finishing typing the last period is maybe his reason to live, or his final confirmation that he lived a life fulfilled.

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