A Door, A Decision

What makes a hero?

They see a door.

A closed door.



Red capes and roaring waves reveal soaring men and raging fins
Boys born and bred through pain and tragedy, their nightmare begins
Suffering through responsibility teaches lessons of great power and accountability
Women rise with swords and shields or protect and defend with powers of invisibility

Families grow and families evolve through errors of calculations
One unites and brings fame for the forgiveness from miscalculations
Kings reign under and fight for wrongs above
Kings feign their ruling through rots of love

Heroes we see, through our eyes what we can allow
Heroes hide inside giving all they can endow
Towering men achieve and amass knowledge no other can
Changing men achieve multiples and an immortal lifespan

Men unable, men desire, men will lead
Men stand tall, waves behind soar, hope will bleed
Suits of honor, suits of iron, built from intransigent men
Fight together, fight each other, but will save the world again

One from poverty and despair who leads a nation, desires a world
One from riches and poison, unlikeliness of heroes, saves a world
Magic used to save but without the thought of consequence
Magic used desires payment and comes with an owed expense

Shunned away and mocked, deleterious to be different
Tears fall away, shame swells, never be irreverent 
They joined to serve, learned to unite, they saved
Others fought, tore and shredded, they depraved

Heroes teach, heroes fail, heroes lessons become heroes tales
Villains wrought, villains win, villains lessons turn to tall tales
Beware, be warned, of falling to despair for heroes born and bred everywhere
Takes a push, takes the courage, but absolutely doesn’t take a billionaire

Capes and black cowls, webs and red threads, heroes large and wide but attempt to hide
White cloaks and masks, blue and black meets red hard hats, are heroes hidden inside
Do all that you can, do all that you may, never forget lessons learned today
From those that do,  do all they will, for safety we hopefully have earned this day

One who chooses to walk through the door,  and one who makes the tough decision
Because no other can, no other learned from the past and created the vision
They make a change because they created it, they’re men and women fighting for more
They could leave, they could walk, instead, they choose to run through the opened door

One who opens the door, and runs, makes a superhero.

“The door is more than it appears. It separates who you are from who you can be. You do not have to walk through it … You can run.” – Franklin Richards (Jonathan Hickman, FF #23, In Hickman We Trust)

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